Energetically In Harmony

About Patty Matsumoto


My passion is to provide healing support for all those who are called to these modalities. I have been studying and practicing since 2012 and have been witness to phenomenal transformations.

A wide range career path from Hospitality to Technology lends to the understanding of how work/life stress impacts overall health. It is this personal understanding which drives me to offer this relief which I have been fortunate to realize.

Patty Matsumoto

Through Reiki, along with other healing options, it is possible for the body to relax, allowing it to heal. Being in a state of peace allows one to tap into the tremendous reserve of universal healing energy. Other healing modalities that she has studied and practices include: Shamanic practice, Sound Therapy, Crystal Work, Akashic Records Enhancement, Munay Ki, Divination Card Sessions, and Life Coaching. She has additional training with healing animals via Animal Reiki & Animal Communication.

​In addition to her healing path, Patty has been called to spread the crystal healing by supporting those that are called via her large inventory of crystals and minerals. All of her inventory is regularly cleared, charged, and blessed. This inventory also is used in the healing work and is regularly programmed with a wide variety of healing audio books. ​Patty frequently gives crystal energy healing workshops appropriate for all skill levels.

Energetically In Harmony provides people with the skills and inner knowledge necessary ​to be able to take control of their life and give a sense of direction and intention toward the fulfillment of their soul’s Destiny.

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